December 15th, 2006

fangirls, SG-1

Woot! Finished with that sucker...

Okay, not entirely finished, since I want to change the stories/articles interface, and I'd like to add the comments to the artpages directly, but dang, I'm awfully pleased with myself:

The council is on holiday right now (gee, is it that time of year or something?) but there are adoptable characters currently available! Some seriously amazing talent to play with...

Okay, some PA stuff, and then some art stuff, and then maybe some email stuff, and then some food stuff.

EMG-Zine theme stuff and article ideas!

Okay folkses!

One of the major reasons people gave for not submitting to EMG-Zine was not having something comfortable to write about!

So, I have some article/review ideas for you.

I would love to include these in the January issue if anyone possibly has enough time to make that happen:

How to keep a dream journal, and why it's useful, possibly with some basic 'dream meanings' discussion. Maybe share bits of yours? Claimed by puffbird! Thank you! Could still use an article on dream meanings.

Review of any 'following your dreams' books or movies about artists, musicians, writers, etc.
Review of that Robin Williams movie about being dead... where his wife commits suicide... can't think of the title, but didn't it have 'dreams' in it? What Dreams May Come, thanks! Someone want to review this??

Other non-specific articles/columns I want:

Why does mirroring art 'look bad,' and why should you do it to find flaws.

eBay - how to use it best. Basic ebay html templates.

Certificates of authenticity. Do you need them? What should they look like? A few templates.

Contracts for basic commissions, or commercial use of existing work - templates that artists can use.

Discussion/comparison of online galleries for your artwork - where will your work fit best, and what kind of community/gallery experience are you looking for?

My full notes file for future issues:

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Also, for 2007, payrates will go up, since that was the second reason listed for non-submissions. :) $15 for features, $5 for reviews, and any artwork used for desktops (generally the 'top' 3 pieces as graded by the artboard) will receive $5. It's still EMG credit, and not, you know, LOTS, but it's a little better.