December 9th, 2006

fangirls, SG-1

I need a harp icon!!

I adore my new harp. Adore it. I sent off for a set of replacement strings - I'm missing the G above middle C, but I've been able to mostly finger around it. I can play the hands for Greensleeves separately, and Away in a Manger together, and I remember most of my finger exercises. I'm having an awful time guessing the spacing between notes without looking, but that will come with more practice. I've put in about an hour a day so far, which is all my fingers will take (boo, hiss! they say - the weenies. They'll callous up soon enough...), and it sounds SO pretty (until I miss the note I'm aiming for because I'm trying not to crane my head around to look at the strings).

So, yay, horray and happy!!

Melody and Jennie and maybe Layla are coming over for boardgames later today, I have to go start chicken!