December 8th, 2006

I will stick forks in you

November recap...

Four pieces finished for PA (general)
Set up the forum for Fantastic Portfolios, figured out scoring, assembled core crew, made memberships available and began beta testing
Car broke.
UWA Bazaar
Saved parents house from Doom of Cold
Added buttons and totes to the EMG lineup
80 gazillion t-shirts
Updated my personal site with 5 non-fiction articles
Fairy holding flower ACEO
Wrote an article for EMG-Zine December (on prints)
Added a laser printer and scanner to my studio
Got sick for about a week
Wrote 28,000ish words on a novel
Helped build a yurt
Installed blinds in the kitchen


I have TWO t-shirts left to make. TWO. The rest are in an unweildy pile ready to ship out today. I'm dah man.

I have a HARP! It is gorgeous, and has a wonderful mellow tone, and I haven't forgotten everything I knew, and it's a beatiful instrument and it makes me incredibly happy to have. I will play it a lot, I think. I need a music stand. And more music.

Jake and I went to a public meeting last night to hear what will be done with the 350 acres next door to us and went away feeling really, really, really good. 50 people showed up, and they ALL agreed, which is... unheard of! I don't think we'll have to worry too much about the improvements they plan, and we chatted afterwards with several of our neighbors, which was really nice.

Also, my inbox is back down to 100 62 50!!!!!, and I will be caught up on orders today. Unless something really unexpected happens.