November 12th, 2006


Best cat Ever

Honestly, I lucked out.

Velcro is incredibly tolerant, and will permit indignities like being held upside down, or flipped over and ruffled, and she lets anyone play with her feet or clip her nails. She can be taunted into attacking - but pretty much only by me, or someone she knows well, and will grab with all four paws, claws barely out, and bite just hard enough not to break the skin, gnawing and purring at the same time. She plays chase with anyone who will run away or after her, dog or human, and if you sit down long enough for her to pretend it's her idea, she'll come sit in your lap, kick out any sketchbook or entertainment, arrange your lap to her comfort, and occasionally try to climb into whatever you're wearing (or just stuff her face into your armpit). She comes when called, and doesn't yowl or meow except when it's meal time and someone gets too close to the food cabinet (in which case, you'd swear she was part Siamese). She purrs, and cuddles even if it's your idea, and has a gorgeous, soft, short, mostly non-allergenic coat, and long expressive tail that's nearly always straight up in the air. She is just barely snotty and independent enough to remain a cat, and is just exactly sweet enough to be the perfect pet.

I just had to say that, as I am being weighted down by her purring mass right now, and I haven't written about her in a while.


I'm really tired today. Not the kind of tired that comes with lots of labor, or staying up too late, or sleeping poorly. That other kind of tired. That kind that sits in your brain, and comes from looking at a list of things to do that is too long and too ambitious. The kind that comes from rejections and failures looking more important and larger than the successes and compliments. You know the kind, probably. I've got that today, bad.

I haven't done diddly today, and part of my tired is guilt, even though I've made it a mandate that I don't HAVE to do ANYTHING on weekends. My brain wants to point out my list of things to do, and the emails in my inbox, and the boxes stacked up waiting to be made into beloved t-shirts. (I can't actually MAKE any shirts right now - my whole last batch of dark shirt transfers was bad! Un-useable! The company is great, and is sending more asap, but asap is still about a week in transit. So, more delay on shirts. THAT guilt is not helping me in the slightest.)

I'm ahead of schedule on my wordcount, so that's okay, and I guess I did get a story for Kaz edited up and sent in, but that only makes me stop and think about fanclubs in general, and how invested I really want to get in them. (Not very, I keep coming back to.)

Fantastic Portfolios meanders forward. Janet's going great guns on the coding, I've finalized the grading scale, basic structure document, and we're making inroads on the logo and design. Our theme is chosen! More will be public soon, I promise. I've learned a ton designing the forum and playing with the code.

I'm ordering a Mustek scanner for myself, and a color laser printer. I thought about how much I'm bleeding out the veins printing invoices on my Epson, how nice it would be to be able to do color proofs of the calendars that weren't $1+ a page in draft mode (practically!), and together, shipping included, they are less than the all-in-one I was so hip about over the summer. Besides, I really want to be able to print out stories, and it's just not economical on inkjets. I'm a little iffy on how thick a stock it will take, but would get it even if it didn't become my card printer. I shopped around for several hours and this definitely looks like the best bang for the buck, reviews are good, it has some of the best print quality available with a laser, and it has the features I really want. I think I'll have to kick a plant out of my studio. I can even upgrade it with a duplex feature in the future, if I need to.

Funny how shopping makes me feel better. Maybe I'm a girl, afterall...