November 9th, 2006


I wrote!

I got another 500 words in last night after I shut off the EvilNet and 2885 today so far. I'm not quite to the 17500 mark I wanted to be at today, so I may write more later, but tomorrow is a scheduled holiday, and I'm already planning to write anyway. I'd like to get at least a day or two of padding if at all possible. GOING TO MAKE IT THIS YEAR OR DIE.

So, here's me:

Okay! Orders for a bit, and some nasty phonecalls. :(

EMG-Zine plea

In grand NaNo procrastination, I'm doing other fiddly things, like forum icons and such, and I went in and looked at a few backend things at EMG-Zine. Among them, letters to the editor! We have noooooone. Our letterbox is empty and sad and pathetic. We need letters so we editors can write witty responses. I suppose we could write ourselves witty responses, but that would really look sad.

So please, if you've got 10 minutes - even less! - and you'd like to procrastinate on YOUR NaNo novel, please, please consider dropping us a line. It really is an amazing ego boost to our contributors and stalwart columnists to know that people *actually* read that stuff, and I don't pay enough to make up for reader silence. Knowing that you enjoyed it, and/or got something of benefit out of it - seriously, that's a fabulous thing. I think they stop listening to me after a few months in a row, so back me up here! They're great! Share the love!

Here's the letters to the editor link (See how lonely and empty that spot is?):

And if you've got 30 minutes, and you're really hating your NaNo characters and wish they would die, maybe you'd consider writing us a review! We want to know how you liked the latest fantasy or sci fi novel you read, or the last genre movie. Or that art supply that's saved you buckets of time, or that great webhost - as long as you can tie it in to artists and fantasy, somehow.

We're currently collecting fiction and artwork in the theme of 'dreams.' Submit early! Submit often!