November 3rd, 2006


I'll do it myself!

I should get that motto tattooed somewhere... it sure seems to be my life's mantra. And I have been toying with the idea of a tattoo for a while. I really loved Ursula's (fictional) approach to scars and tattoos - maybe I'll get something around my fifth lumbar, since I have no particular scars.

Anywho, wordcount is at I left it yesterday. I plan to take my laptop into town and do about a billion loads of laundry, and since my parents have dialup, I will probably get some writing done. Or find another way to goof off, of course.

And, in wonderful flicking style (doing other stuff that needs to be done in the name of procrastinating on something that needs to be done more...), I got art done yesterday.

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The problem with making a whole pot of coffee is that i have to drink the whole pot of coffee if nobody else does because i can't stand the idea of it going to waste and then i've drunk a whole pot of coffee and i want to do everything all at once but i can't 'cause i've had a whole pot of coffee and all i can do is vibrate.

Okay, it's not that bad, but WOW, COFFEE. JAZZED.

Set up a new forum today, and got some complicated orders packaged to go in, and I have NO idea where the day went, but I'd better get my dirty clothes and head into town.

Wish I had a good laptop case... I hate lugging this thing around like this. :( I can't find any good ones that fit this monster, poor thing.


The line between WOW JAZZED and ah crap is pretty fine.

Okay, not that fine... one broken car can tip that balance.

Poor Gwen (What? I name my cars.) is getting WAY up there in miles. All the symptoms point to battery-not-charging, which could be battery or alternator. It's an old battery, so I'm going to go get a voltmeter and a new battery tomorrow, try that first, and do an electrical test on her to see if it's an obvious alternator failure.

Guh. Just, guh. So not what I had the time for. I've got a show on Sunday! And plans! I had PLANS.

So much for those plans. No shower, no PO visit, no endtubes for these orders that need to go out, no laundry, no net-free NaNo night with pizza delivery. SO NOT HAPPY. I'd best not attempt anything requiring diplomacy tonight, and I'm not sure I want to inflict this mood on my NaNoNovel. I don't think my characters would survive the night...

I am going to go find something to break. Preferably something that will make a good satisfying crunchy noise. Maybe I can put the stupid car in neutral and shove it off the turnaround...

(Probably that would only make my back hurt.)