November 1st, 2006

I will stick forks in you

It's November!

Just finished posting EMG news at EMG-Zine, and fixing up a couple of things over there as it rolled over to its new issue automatically. Remember, you have until the end of today to get more angel work in! I know you have some! You know you want to! (It says January, but you do actually have until the end of the day, my time, to get it in for Dec still.)

Note that if you read the news, you'll get $5 off any order in November... :) This applies to Ellen's Escape, too! (Same shopping cart!)

Aaaaand, it's NaNo time! I probably won't start tonight - I'm tired and braindead, and used all my writing mojo for the day to squeeze out ~2000 nonfiction words. Nothing like a deadline to get the adrenaline going! Honestly, nonfiction is easier. It's just... the way things are. You write it down. You organize, tighten, and you're done. Fiction is messy. Slippery. Things change and characters do things you didn't expect and don't want. Should be fun anyway. :) I still need to fix up my filter. Klawzie! I'll totally buddy with you. :P Go Klawzie! You can do it! Rah rah rah! Show that word count who's boss!!

I think the word for me right now is punchdrunk and it's time for bed. I'm beat.

Wordcount = 0

PS: I need a NaNo icon...

Well. O.O

Okay, first chunk of NaNo novel written, and it totally got away from me. Not a full wordcount yet - I have more writing time alotted for this evening - but the character! Where'd he come from?? Not at all what I was expecting or intending to write. All I knew was that I needed a couple of specific roles filled, I needed a 'narrator' and that I needed to layout some plot stuff. The next thing I know - who is this guy and where did these ideas come from? Not at all the direction I was planning to take, actually. But I like it alright, and it doesn't actually conflict with anything I'd planned... so, okay. I'll run with it.

I've posted the first bit to the NaNo filter - if you're not on it and would like to be, just let me know.

(NaNoWriMo, for those in the dark, is National Novel Writing Month - a crazed month of attempting to get to 50k words on something, anything (well, hopefully an acutal novel). Lots of folks are doing it, and they have an official site here: )

I've got some orders to fill - a handful or so - and some backend admin work to take care of, but most of the day will be trying to get ahead on my wordcount in anticipation of crazy work days when I won't be able to get to it.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,298 / 50,000