October 18th, 2006


Limp snivelly relief...

I feel so much better. I went to the chiro today, and my hip is once again attached correctly. I can put weight on my left leg without stabbing pains, pivot to the left as well as the right, lift things with my left arm again, and - my god - stand without agony. Well, it's not stabbing agony, anyway - I still feel sort of sore and definitely a little gunshy, but I'll take sore over pinched nerves anyday. I soaked in the Mary Siah hot tub for a little while before heading over there, and after an hour at the post office mailing all but the last 3 calendar-only orders and all the other catch-up orders I got done yesterday, I skipped out of gaming, and came home to melt into the couch and alternate ice packs and heat.

Unfortunately, I'm also starting to feel like I'm getting a cold.

*shakes fist* You can't stop me, puny cold! I'm too big and bad for you! I have... no tea, but some soup at least!

I'm sleeping in tomorrow.