October 13th, 2006

enough time

Busy, busy...

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I did manage to finally fix the menu at EMG - the A-D artist list was getting so long it would get stuck and you couldn't see the last and first several people. I broke it into two (after much code-haggling!), and it's still really long. I also have been keeping new work at the EMGprintshop page approved, and at PA. Ordered more packaging materials. Inbox is at a dull roar. Orders... not so dull a roar. I'm getting out a good sized heap every day, so that's a plus. T-shirt making moves steadily along... it will take me 3 weeks at this rate, but at least there's an end to the calendars in sight, and orders have been coming in regularly for other stuff that needs to go out more quickly than the shirts.

Oh, and we're sold out of Rum and Ruffians (temporarily) and the Faeries of Victoria Griffin (permantantly!). Gah! Got to get those together for reprints (or replacement with Vol 2), too.

Okay, I've put my 10 hours in today, and Jake is making lonely husband noises.