October 9th, 2006


When she was good...

If I were very good, right now I'd be writing on some stuff I said I'd do. Or catching up on some emails. Or, maybe invoicing more orders.

Apparently, I'm not so good, but I am being good to me, so there.

I did get 75 or so more invoices done this weekend, and a whole lot of them packaged to mail (until I ran out of priority mailers - my big order of them better get in soon), and Jake and I fixed his snowmachine, and I did fix the Portrait Adoption shopping cart (it wasn't picking up the units right, yet), and got some more work up for Portrait Adoption (but you won't see my newest stuff unless you're logged in) and now I'm going to go watch TV instead of continuing to work.

Oh, I also finished the Shattered Chain and Thendara House, and have one chapter of City of Sorcery finished. Good books - I'm not sure I'd read any of MZB's novels, though I love her short stories. It's spawning interesting ideas and reflects some of the culture clash I'm working on for Torn World.

Now, bread pudding, mindless TV and my sketchbook. So there!