September 22nd, 2006

happy bubble fairy


Is it really only 3? It's been a productive day so far...

I got about 30 new old pieces up at the EMG Store. No, these aren't new submissions - some of them are leftover from last submission period but got mis-filed, some of them are from the old site, but the artists dawdled around getting lilypad accounts, some of them were oddball submissions that never got put in the right place... weirdo stragglers for all kinds of different reasons! Most of them haven't been put online by the artists yet, but there are several new ones up now!

Got my inbox quite beaten down - only to watch it fill back up again...

Deleted yet more spam accounts from the EMG boards - that's a job I'll be happy to pass off to someone. *grumps*

And, I've put up my Volunteers form. If you are interested in being a critic at the new site, or in helping out in any other way, please fill out this form and let me know! This will help me get folks set up with things they want to do and are uniquely suited for! Even if you think 'Ellen knows who I am and what I have to offer,' fill it out anyway, because sometimes you think you know things you don't, and I don't want to assume anything!

I don't have any orders that need to go out Right Now, so I'm going to go work on some art to pay the bills and look forward to another weekend off. I have Secret Agent DVDs, and Star Trek (NG), and the last episode of the Prisoner to look forward to. This will probably be the last weekend we have before the S-word gets here, so we'll have to make sure all the tools are up in the yard and do some winterization.