September 15th, 2006

happy bubble fairy

Friday report - Printshop, new domain, art and otherstuff..

Worked on orders (still not finished), worked on printshop coding - different coder, totally different use of the language, so it takes me longer that messing with Ron or Janet's codes. Still clean, logical and well-noted, but just a different kind of logic, so it takes a while to mesh with it. Fixed a few of the minor errors I was running into - played with subdomains (which don't seem to be working quite right...) and worked on the style a little. It still needs a little jazz, a front page, some FAQ, and it should be good to go. I'm not entirely happy that it's not using actual thumbnails - might fuss with that a little; the main pages are too slow to load.

Broke down and got a new domain. >.< That's... geez... 9. Oh well, I'm using most of them! And I WILL use all of them eventually...

Worked on inking a piece for Camilla, too, and played with some other sketching. Yay for art! Must remember to take a little art time every day.

Now I have to do dishes, clean my studio, mop the floors, scoop the catbox, and finish orders.
enough time


I'm going to do something utterly shocking and TAKE THE WEEKEND OFF.


But I gotta write some stuff down before I do, or I'll forget it...

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