August 28th, 2006



My husband is the best.

After my last entry, he gave me a backrub and fixed my headache, and then helped me get all my spreadsheets in order, clean my studio (actual useable space!) and organize everything I'm packing into boxes! The only problem with the organization system is the boxes themselves - they are Velcro magnets, so I keep finding her sleeping in the mousepads...

Today, I'm tackling some gaps in products and hoping that a) my ink gets here quickly and b) I don't run out in the meantime.

Also, finishing my class and working on Ursula's calendar.

Janet finished the artistpay in the lilypad, and I spent a few hours yesterday going through ALL my backrecords and updating it. Better now than in two weeks when I remember even less...

Jake loses all his brownie points in one fell swoop.

He gave me his cold.

Three days before I have to go traverse five timezones and fly on big planes, Jake is kind enough to give me his cold.

*sniffles, hacks up lung loogey, moans*

I'm tossing back the echnacea and gypsy cold care tea like a woman possessed. This won't stop me. It may mean the front row of my class should wear gas masks, but it still won't stop me.
enough time

Feeling like crap!

But productive crap. Didn't finish my class speech - not sure it will fit inside an hour anymore... there's a LOT to cover!

Nearly finished with Ursula's calendar - would like to get it uploaded before I leave so I can have it sent media mail and not pay out the nose.

Art suffers. I have no idea what I'll hang in the show.

Throat and nose suffer greatly. I'm hoping the sudden onset of this sucker means it's a quicky, and I'll be on the upswing by the time we leave Wed night.

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