August 16th, 2006


Look out, she's got a coke, and she's not afraid to drink it!

I found a pile of things I THOUGHT I'd taken care of before the fair... that I hadn't. Oh, Ellen! Bad, bad Ellen!

And my inbox is winning. Honestly, every day, I beat it back and at the end of the day, I STILL have more emails than when I started.

Little bits, little bits...

I did get the FAQ updated with real links to joining info at PA, and fixed the missing contact form problem.

I did get all but FOUR pages of this darn calendar done - downloading one file now, and by god, this thing will be uploaded tonight. So I spake. We're still okay on time for Dragon*Con, and if I'm very clever, so will Ursula's, but it's getting *really* close.

The fair went well. Did I already say that? I don't remember. I collected a few commissions, sold *lots* of overstock/discontinued/misprinted sorts of stuff that won't sell over the webpage, networked with lots of yearly-friends. It was fun. All stock now fits in the connex box.

Puppy missed me and has started chewing holes in socks. VERY displeased by this development.

Back is not as bad as it could be, particularly considering I lifted many things I shouldn't have.

Okay, I'm off to pull another late(ish) night filling orders and doing art. Maybe I'll watch a Buffy while I draw for a while after I've gotten some orders packaged. Jake's not here to tell me to stop working.

PA site continues to cruise along. Need to fiddle with categories and check some bugs in that area, but so far, smooth sailing. Mostly.