August 15th, 2006


It's done.

I've resigned from the Fairy Court. Next time, listen to the gut - before it costs so much. Quite a lot of relief, there! Just glad to have that decision behind me.

Lots of PA errors fixed last night, and I'm working on the calendar now. My studio is almost cleaned - just need to get a few orders out and scoop the catbox. Which is good, 'cause I need an easy-on-Ellen day.

I'm taking Friday off, it's our anniversary! Our 'big' plans are to take Norway swimming and sleep in. We may also do dinner and movie, and there have been discussions of Wolf Run for dessert. Five years! Five wonderful, exciting, adventure-filled years! Actually, many more than that, but five 'official' ones. We sat down a few weeks back and made a list of our favorite memories - filled the front and back of a page and kept thinking of more... 'breaking' into the hostel in Sweden and fleeing in fear to the border of Norway. Skipping rocks on a lake near the border. Jukas Jarvi, the ice hotel, playing axis and allies, learning to play chess, walking on our land, buying our land. Getting Velcro! Camping at Chatanika. Blinking tail lights! So many, many wonderful memories. :)

Now, calendar ho.


I am SO happy with the lilypad right now. I'd have its children if it weren't a few pages of strung together code. And you know, the happily married thing.

The PA site is trundling along in good form, and I can get SD adoptions processed in about 2 minutes, including getting payment and sending payment for the artist, instead of 20, and then having to remember to pay the artist later, and with a few clicks on my mouse, instead of tedious, blah blah work on my end. It is SO awesome, and SO much work off of my shoulders.

And GLEE, my artist payment program is unfurling itself before my eyes - it will be snap to pay folks in the future. And by snap, I mean, one screen of death to post info to, a few clicks of a mouse, an auto-generated payment cheat sheet with artist payment info... I can see days melting off that effort now. :) :) Maybe I can move to paying quarterly!

My coders get cookies.

Printing off orders, still lots to do there, and I need to punch about a billion art cards.