August 14th, 2006



Wow, lots to catch up on...

Set up emails for PA folks
Set up subdomains for PA folks
Fix PA membership links, etc.
Get Camilla's pieces up for her
Draw on comissions (3)
Clean studio (gah! Disaster area!)
Take a nap (still way sleep defficient)
Break down tent (looks unlikely to happen today - it's still raining)
Orders from fair
EMG-Zine stuff to editors and art board
Install check program, print checks, send checks
PS site - finish FAQ, check other links 'n stuff.
Scan some work for PA
Get files together for Ursula's calendar
More stuff...

It's all fun and cute until...

I thought it was kind of cute and mildly inconvenient to find Velcro sitting on top of my laptop and chased her off with less enthusiasm and more cuddles than I should have, because it was far, FAR less cute the second time when she managed to turn it off, along with all the windows I was working in!