July 31st, 2006

fairy crystal


Since there are a number of PA folks on my FL who are not frequently on the forums, and may not be on the updates list:

Okay folks, we're still greenlight on the new site, and lots of people still have some of their old portraits turned off. Also, this is your chance to edit prices before they go online again!!

Log into the lilypad - http://lilypad.ellenmilliongraphics.com - and click on PA stuff (on the lilypad graphic). Click on the portrait you want to edit. Offline portraits are at the top, and the status of the portrait right there.

You may see 'error' messages about needing a high-res file! The new site will be automatically checking for those, and not allow them to go online without them. I can override this for the older pieces, and since I have all those files, you can safely ignore those messages.

If you see any other weirdo messages, please let me know.

You CAN set customization options at this time, as well, though those options will not be publicly available until that coding is finished.

Calendar query...

Okay, ordering calendars and waffling between 50 (safer!) and 100 (cheaper!)

Our theme is 'Why Fantasy is better than Real Life' and it's looking pretty fabulous. Artists included are: Jessica Borjesson, Selina Fenech, Liiga Smilshkalne, MR Millard, Marie Bird, Beth Hansen, Laura Law, Melissa Findley, Rachel Anderson, Esther Wetzel, Kir Talmage, and Marilyn Alice Boyle, with a gallery of runners up as well. I STILL haven't settled on a cover.

Thought I'd take a poll and see who was ordering:

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happy bubble fairy

Ursula's calendar stuff...

Oh gosh, nearly forgot to order Ursula's calendar today, too - and got an extension on getting the darn files in, which is GOOD, cause I had more PA and EMG-Zine stuff to do today than I thought.

We won't be getting a weird fruit calendar this year, 'cause for some weird reason, Ursula's a little busy - what with an agent and writing books and all that trivial stuff - so I gotta figure out what my next best choice will be.

Let me know what you think! And yes, I will order more this year, and I'm leaving myself enough time to RE-order if things go well. Comments welcome.

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I think I must still be paying back karma for something...

Well, PA's not going up tomorrow. A few days, hopefully. Maybe next weekend.

Print Services isn't going up - lots to do there, still.

Calendars aren't finished, but I did order them. (Files need to be in this week.)

Not feeling as mentally prepared for the fair as I'd like.

EMG-Zine will go up automatically tonight sometime (that's the theory, anyway...), and it did come together nicely. You guys, I gotta say, REALLY pulled the stops out for September - I've got a lot of articles and tutorials, and if no one hollers, I'd like to spread them out over the next couple of months. I'm impressed with you guys! :) Thank you SO much!

Also, JEESUS! If I see ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server. in my email again, I'm going to scream. It's been three weeks of gawdawful erros, and I'd better be getting a free month of hosting out of this headache.

Yes, that's what it's doing right now. No, I am not caught up on emails. As a matter of fact, I'm more behind than I was when I came back from Dragon*Con last year.

I think I'm going to go to bed. No - zine backgrounds, build the menu, then bed.

Maybe with some banging of skull on desk surface first.