July 19th, 2006

I will stick forks in you

Shameless plea!

Okay, folks - the EMG-Zine theme for September is school. I'd like to have a whole series of tutorials for this issue. Walk-throughs, how-tos, medium-specific advice... or maybe how you tackle writing short stories, or how to write to spec. If it's a 'how do you XXX*,' I want it! I'd also accept an article that compiles some of the most useful and helpful tutorials that are already out there.

I am throwing myself at your feet for this - I had to beg and plead and whine to get one article for August (okay, send one grovelling email - Ren, you are a LIFESAVER), and I'm writing the other, and I don't ask you for much ask you for stuff all the time, but I am at least slavishly grateful. You do get EMG credit for these, too, provided they are new and unpublished and I get first dibs.

Just, if you start a piece of work in the next week or so and think you'll have it finished in the next few weeks, scan frequently (or save backcopies - screenshots are even fine for the web, tho' I couldn't use them in the anthology), and take notes about what you did at each step - you don't have to go intensively research something new or learn a new technique, these can be 'how I personally did this picture.' Come on, you know you want the fame!

The deadline is 1 August, however, if you need an extension, I'm always happy to grant them - just let me know BEFORE the 1st. :)

Please, please, please, please!! I'm shameless! I'll grovel! I'll do embarrassing public things for you! Name your price and send me articles!

*That relates in some way to art, writing, fantasy or science fiction, etc... I don't really need 'how to get a man' articles or 'how to wash dishes.'

Today was me.

Today, I did everything for me. I updated my webpage. I worked on my samples. I sent off a package of my stuff. I worked on my projects. Not even work for clients - work for ME.

I feel horrendously guilty, of course, but I did get a lot done, and the mini-collection samples I sent off are *really* cute. I think they'll do well. *Crossing fingers*

I should probably tackle emails right now, or do something more EMG, or even EMG-Zine, and less EM, but I am feeling more like going and working on house trim. I don't feel guilty. I don't. Okay, I do, but not much.