July 14th, 2006


Two more letters...

Two more letters to go! Some Vs and a bunch of Ws, and then I'll be through and done with artistpay for another 6 months. THANK HEAVENS.

One of my artists has been missing and bouncing emails for a while - anyone know whereabouts for Jeff Trudel?

One of the downsides to sending out artist pay is that they all reply. :) I love my artists, I do, but I look at the seven hundred and forty billion emails in my inbox (mostly with the same subject) and just cringe. At least those are emails I look forward to writing, unlike a few nasty-grams I need to send...

Okay, okay, Vs and Ws, and then go take product pictures and work on the print services site...


Any of you folks have a new, un-used pad of Strathmore Bristol 300 lb vellum lying around?

I just ordered five from Dick Blick, and every one of them shorted me a sheet!! That's like a quarter of a pad right there!

In a fit of curiosity, I counted up all the smooth bristol that I had ordered, too. Four of them had 20 sheets, one of them had 22.

Methinks their sheet counting system is a little imprecise.