July 12th, 2006

kiss my fish


I cheered myself up by fixing something in the lilypad that had been bugging the heck out of me, and was really slowing me down doing artistpay - I got it to show me an artist's pay preference, including paypal email. HAH! I am geenius. I have a few other things I want to fix, too, but that was the major thing - to get the info previously, I had to go into the database, search for the artist by name in one table, grab their id, search their id in another table, and then I'd get it - hoping to high heavens that I didn't mis-type their ID, 'cause otherwise someone else was going to get their payment. Now, it shows up all neat and tidy in the edit page at the lilypad.

Also, php makes a lot more sense to me these days, having eyeballed reems of the code now. Mostly I'm still a monkey with a stick, but I can mostly make the stick do what I want these days. It only took me about two minutes to fix that up... and most of that 2 minutes was accidentally opening the wrong file and wondering where the heck I was for a while.