June 27th, 2006



Feeling sleepy! Looking forward to sleeping myself out on Saturday - haven't had a sleep in day in... gosh, 3 weeks?

About to go do orders and art.

more laundry
more orders - 1 more express order needs to go out today (waiting on confirmation - file size too small, no guarantee), others need to go out, too.
emails - most important ones today, next batch tomorrow.
update PA
EMG-Zine article
work on Niyati
work on wyvern
pay PA artists
work on PS site

this week:
order t-shirts, totes, extra babydolls, and special order stuff.
finish orders
finalize print services pages - static pages, FAQ, products etc... line up beta testers.
layout gothic coloring book and upload.
work on Ursula's book
get new EMG-Zine pages ready to launch
finish EMG-Zine article
work on August article - Painting in the Rain
finish layout of KOTF and upload.
Finish Niyati
finish wyvern
edits of 2 Kaz stories back to authors.