June 14th, 2006


Some whining, and some horrahing...

Let's get the whining out of the way... my head *hurts!* Nasty headache - started last night, woke me up several times, made me take a nap with icepacks this afternoon, and is still just pounding. Stupid head. Don't know why it's acting up, but Not Happy about it.

Still, that hasn't slowed me down to badly - less efficient, yes, still fighting, yes. Got those calendar guidelines up, and fiddled with the backends of all my sites, and got some emails answered, and am about to go scan the artwork I finished last night.

My art supplies got here yesterday. *GLEE* I LOVE my new easel. It's very, very portable - collapses down into this nice little compact bag and seems very sturdy and practical. I could set it up in less than a minute, I think, and it's got great features. I predict we'll use this as a display at Dragon*Con. And oh.... tubes of fresh paint. They're so pretty I just want to *Eat* them. Fresh, beautiful tubes, in all the colors of the rainbow, all unsullied by painted fingerprints or unsightly squeezes. *Salivates* They smell bad, though. I'm glad I'll be painting with them outside.

Shut up, head... I'm ignoring you until you're done hurting...