June 13th, 2006



The more I work with other printers, the more I snarl and go back to that tired truth: if you want something done right, just do it your damn self.

SO frustrated. How difficult is it to invoice me, email me and meet the deadlines that you set. If you can't meet the deadline, don't set it!! If you don't want the work, don't have a business! And the final products that I get - they're close to what I want, but not quite. I'm not asking for anything that complicated, really.


Wish I could afford the setup to do it myself.


Ah well!


art - finish Aruver/Sheera pic, start painting Niyati, sketch Inara? Scan Arduluth.
revise guidelines for calendar submissions (make it more clear)
work on importing EMG-Zine stuff, possibly recruit some help with that... - wow! That looks almost done, no thanks to me - that's not going to be the task I thought it would. :)
Get status at printservices site reset to admin and start adding products
need photos of products
legos with nephew

To launch in July (which means get everything ready before I leave to paint, 'cause there won't be long once I get back from Highlands):

~new EMG-Zine site, posssssibly the EMG services site, tho' it may still be in beta.
~windowclings?? (Have any of you tester folks had problems with the paint flaking off the back, and if so, did your clings have a webaddress on them? Mine have both had flakes come off, but in both cases, I really, seriously abused the things - rolled them, folded them, scratched them and wrestled them, and they were pretty small flakes.)
happy bubble fairy


I love my new EMG-Zine backend. :) Love, love, LOVE.

I've put up all the work I've got so far (Ugh - I still need to write something! Anything!) and it's all formatted and will automatically go online on the 1st once I've verified edits. Seriously, this is like half or more of the work I usually do the day the thing goes up - basically already done! I still need to put up the art, but the selected pieces are off for wallpaper making, and I will NEVER have to build another one of those stupid galleries again, just upload the pieces for it. YAY! So nice!

Okay, I need to go press two babydoll shirts, print one print, package three orders, and go play legos with my nephew before gaming.