June 6th, 2006

happy bubble fairy


Thrilled with web progress. Thrilled, I say.

Happy with a few recent customers, and tickled pink by a few recent emails, I got art in the mail, I'm getting awfully excited about my painting class and Highlands and Dragon*Con and the fair, and I made really good coffee this morning (Can you tell?). Also, getting in the groove for Ursula's book - got the intro edits in and am v. happy with it.

Do I have a point with this post? No, not really. I'm just in a great mood and felt like sharing it.

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sleepy, dreamstate


Am I really only to the year 2000? I thought I was much further along than that. Apparently note.

Well, here I am on dial, using a left-handed mouse, doing some catch-up, because I left all my art at home and the laundry is still going and I'm booooored.*

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