May 30th, 2006


Weekend report

I had the lovliest four-day weekend.

We didn't end up going anywhere, but we did disconnect the phones and mute the answering machine and I didn't touch my computer or go into my studio once. (Hence the delightful surprise of old cat puke on the floor this morning...)

Jake and I played two and a half games of Axis and Allies - won one game each, and this next one is anyone's guess (set up in the living room right now). We sat in the sun, and had fruity rum drinks with umbrellas, watched DVDs (Just Visiting, Kate and Leopold, Flight Plan, disc one of season 6 of Stargate!!), went for a long walk with the puppy in the back woods, did art, and had some amazing delicious food. (Grilled shrimps, seafood pizza, steak...) Very laid back, very unwinding. I even got some art done... linework for a piece to be painted on today, hopefully, and finished a commission that finally spoke to me.

Going through a LOT of emails - will undoubtedly be a bit slow getting back into things, and EMG-Zine's gotta be out on Thursday. (Eep!) Which is my cue to give you a reminder: July's theme is mischief, deadline is June 1. Art needed! Fiction needed! Articles needed! Columns due!

Lots of healing thoughts for Mia, who goes in for surgery today.

Aaaand... um... I think that's all my news. I feel all re-energized and ready to spit out orders and art on command!


Email has been down for almost 3 hours.

This makes catching up on email very difficult. Also makes following up on my illustration job, commissions and orders very difficult. In fact, I'm about through for the day, out of sheer frustration and the need to go into town and do laundry.

So off I go...