May 12th, 2006



I've just listed three new ACEOs at my Escape.

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In other news - the cat eats flies, whether they're alive to chase or not, I'm happy with the way my Summer Fairy is coming along, I forgot to mail back my Netflix, and I've had too much caffeine for this late in the day. Zing!

Ursula paints too much.

I should say, Ursula paints too much that is just amazing and unique and Cannot Possibly Left Out of her book. Sifting through her webpage is agony... I've re-categorized it mentally about three times, and can't figure out if Small Creatures Pondering Large Surreal Objects should be a section of it's own, or if the Large Surreal Objects should be organized out into their various subjects... or maybe I should organize by painting style, and where on earth do you put Holstein Irises? Do Squash Kachinas count as Weird Fruit, or are they more Anthromorphic? Do I start the book with the more 'arty art' art, or jump feet first into cute? How do I get that text to fit on that page with that art? Is it legit to scrawl those notes sideways on the page to make them fit? Does 'legit' even matter in a book of Ursula's art?

I love my job.