May 2nd, 2006


How many sticks can one have in ones fires?

Okay - negotiating Wish3 Vol 4 and 5 right now - they don't do color or staple-binding, so the coloring books and art books and KOTF are out with these guys. I will let you know how they work out, but call me cautiously optimistic. Very cautiously. Not much of a risk, and a favorable response so far.

Have found a new place to the do the coloring books and should hear back by Friday about those.

Some site improvements motoring along, very, very happy with my freelancers right now. :)

Have made some decisions (a day too late!) involving EMG-Zine... the drawing is moving over there. Since I'm updating the thing monthly ANYWAY, might as well combine the two. That will keep the stupid thing current (which it very much is not right now). Boot camp is getting a new look/system next month, too. We're going for monthly exercises, no one has enough time for the weekly, and it's silly to keep cranking them out for one or two sporadic people. It will be rewarded - people who participate will start earning credits of some kind, and a monthly winner will get something cool and a spotlight in EMG-Zine.

Orders now. Then a snack, then... um... more stuff.