April 27th, 2006



Oh, definitely better.

It's amazing how much rosier one's outlook is when one is not trying to ignore horrible, horrible pain.

I got a 1 hour massage yesterday, and my neck made terrible noises when cracked afterwards. Lower back made some noises, midback did a series of Cr-Cr-CRR things, and today I feel vaguely mangled but have all of my mobility back and my headache is finally, finally gone. I didn't realize a) how long it have been since my last chiro appointment and b) how badly I was hurting. *hugs everyone* I'm sorry if I've been grumpy or whiny with everyone.

Got more good news, but am holding my tongue on that for now - I don't want to jinx anything yet.

Wrote a few overdue letters that I've been putting off, and that weren't as bad to write as I'd feared.

Finished my interview - just want to give it another readthrough for typos and clarity and it's off, too.

Picked up a check for artwork yesterday, and am not feeling so desperately poor. Client wants to discuss a rather larger and lengthier project in a few weeks. :)

Time for a list!

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Is is cheating to use my new webpage background for EMG-Zine May? The theme is space, and I love it, and can't imagine managing to make something better... (step into my LJ to see it)


June's EMG-Zine theme is halves. I have exactly one piece of art and one column so far. Plus my own stuff. And maybe I'll break Liiga's May article into two.

The deadline is Monday!

Be thinking ahead to July - the theme is mischief. I'd like to have some articles/opinions/helpful bits on art theft.