April 20th, 2006


Another Thursday and ow.

Ow. I fell on the path to the outhouse yesterday - it's finally feeling spring-ish, and everything's melting and then freezing. Gah. Fortunately, it was a *fast* fall - just legs out from underneath. Slower falls are worse because I have time to twist. Still hurting - my knee started purpling last night, and my shoulder and wrist have minor aches. I iced the knee, and think that helped tremendously. My hip hurts, but not like it could be. I feel lucky but whiney. :P

Off to draw now before I get sucked into site and coloring book stuff.

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Is LJ doing some weird thing where your message window gets wider... and wider... and wider... until you have to scroll all over the bloody place? Gah! Weird. It makes these long evolution entries get tedious to paste together.

Got most of the kinks worked out of my webpage, I love my background and want to sit down and make more like it now, it was so much fun. I'll have to re-do my LJ, I think, and maybe figure out how to do a feed for the new site. I have a *lot* more to put up. It's been a blast.