April 18th, 2006

enough time

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~Write NMOF review, get input, and send to Gette
~Orders (3)
~Pray for paper delivery in the mail so I can work on commission at gaming tonight
~Scan and input Seasonal Fairy for coloring
~Work on Nurias
~Nephew transfer
~Matt transfer @ 10

~new domain?? I'm a junky!
~Wallpapers to Deb, EMG-Zine and mine...

This Week:

~Write NMOF review and send to Gette
~Write Ark review and send to Gette
~Finish Adventurers compilation and upload to printer
~Re-do rough of Arduluth
~Update ACEOs page when new stock gets in
~Finish adding all work to my new site - onhold until transfered...
~Finish Seasonal Fairy
~Keep on top of emails
~Add new EMG designs

This Month:

~Launch new site?
~Finish Nurias
~Finish EMG-Zine May
~Finish Present Tense, Positive

Also, there is a moose at my outhouse.

Test post...

I'm *guessing* this won't post, but if it (by some miracle) does, consider it a PSA that I can't access much on line right now. DNS problem of some sort - I can get to LJ, but not any of the subdomains, so I can't even see my own journal, let alone anyone elses. Can't get to EMG, PA or anything. Can't access email. RRrrrr!!!