April 17th, 2006

enough time

List for the day and week...


~Finish stitching article and send to Ciri
~Orders - 3
~Finish scanning art for 1994 and post evolution (running behind on that today, sorry... was busy all weekend slacking off)
~Add four written pieces and six pieces of artwork to new site - waiting on okay...
~Start seasonal fairy - spring
~Work on Nurias color

This week:

~Write NMOF review and send to Gette
~Write Ark review and send to Gette
~Finish Adventurers compilation and upload to printer
~Re-do rough of Arduluth
~Update ACEOs page when new stock gets in
~Finish adding all work to my new site
~Finish Seasonal Fairy
~Keep on top of emails
~Add new EMG designs
sleepy, dreamstate

1994 Part 1; Moonlight Masquerade

So, Moonlight Masquerade, as previously mentioned, was this awesome small-press publication. Really well done for it's time and size, big 8.5 x 11, folded staple-bound style, the initial several issues had several color pages. Nicely put together with a lot of love and dedication. We didn't get paid anything to do artwork or stories for it, not even free copies, but I'm not sniffling. (One of these days I'll finish up that Free Art rant I've got stashed here...)

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