April 4th, 2006

kiss my fish

Looking ahead for EMG-Zine

June theme: halves... yin yang, two halves of a whole, half the year, halflings...
No particular subtopic planned this month, no articles scheduled at this point. I'd give my kingdom for a tasty tutorial or three.

July theme: mischeif... imps, goblins, practical jokes, all those fun and games.
Subtopic of art theft and copyright planned. Topics I'd like covered: who has copyright when? Sigs and tags and tubes. The correct way to face art theft. I may write an opinion piece on free art... I've got one started here somewhere.

Guidelines: http://www.emg-zine.com/guidelines.html (gah, need to update THOSE, too...)

Word of warning for those of you on the yahoo SciFi list...

That Ken Whitman that posted about his uber great pricing is the same Ken Whitman that completely flaked out on my printing Wish3. He is a very nice guy, but completely and utterly unreliable. Last I'd heard, Larry Elmore had fired him, though perhaps he's back in favor - I'd ask Stephanie Law if you really want to know. I *don't* know, but I would not do business with this man unless you do not need to meet a deadline, don't mind being left in the dark for a month in a row and then spammed, and don't actually need any follow-through. His prices were competitive, but not worth the hassle. He has left me hanging since - literally - May of last year, and the books that he DID send me were not nearly the quality that I got from Bookmobile - 6 or so of the books out of 48 were miscut so badly that I wouldn't sell them at full price, and several of the bindings were slightly crumpled/badly connected. Also, they weren't of a perfectly uniform size - line 'em up together and some of them were off by 1/8-1/4 inch from copy to copy. I later found out that one of the books he sent was the wrong volume for the cover it had, and I had to replace it for a customer. Bookmobile, in comparison, had three bent corners (from shipping), *one* mangled spine and one book printed completely backwards out of 250 absolutely otherwise flawless ones.

I don't feel up to posting to the list at the moment, but wanted to give you folks on the list (or running into him anywhere else) a headsup. Let me stress, he's a super nice guy - I feel really bad having to say this, but I also don't want anyone to get burned by actually depending on him.