March 14th, 2006


AH!!!! (taxes and working and whining, oh my...)

Not only am I doing taxes (yes, STILL... I'm done with sales, I just FINALLY finished expenses, no thanks to my stupid credit card company who did not provide me with the records I requested weeks ago, still need to do some amoratization - can't spell it let alone do it with current brainpower... and find the cost of my Dragon*Con plane tickets), but my email has been crashing all day. About to drive me up a frakking wall!! I can't even access addresses I need to mail orders.

Also, my back is starting to hurt from that walk of two days ago - on schedule - I never hurt the worst the day after.

Also, I have more ears to draw, which is what I will do once I have fed myself some lunch and grumped about my stupid email for a while.

Also, I am lame and have not gotten new EMG work up in ages.

Also, I am considering bagging out of gaming tonight because of my back and we're only doing a character workshop, so it's not critical and then I wouldn't have to go into town at all. No, I have to deliver cards and I want a shower - so I'd still have to go in, but I wouldn't have to sit in a chair all evening. Not sitting in a chair is looking really nice.