March 9th, 2006


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This latest commission is SO good for me. I mean, it's boring as dirt, and technical - I'm doing a diagram of an ear... wooo... but really, it stretches me. It's meticulous, and detailed, and very precise - stuff I'm good at, but more structured than I usually am. I gotta look at the whole big picture and make sure that everything's lined up right, because strange anatomy in a fantasy portrait is one thing, but these people will KNOW if the cochlea's not lined up right with the oval window. Neat stuff. I didn't realize an ear had so much going on in it.

Got a ton of art done this morning - drew 5 roses before I ran screaming from that piece, sketched a new huge PA piece (Because it's not like I have enough to do...), painted on the dragons/elf commission, and did the ear stuff. This afternoon I must be good and do taxes and work on the business plan. Ugh.

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