March 8th, 2006


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For the Day:
Get Camilla's package together (mostly done!) - paper is in! Should go out today
Press mousepad - 1 left!
Discuss Netflix commission #4 with client
Catch up on most important emails (sort of...)
Work on dragons/elf portrait
Work on business plan - taxes
Get large print order out with remainder invoice - second half
10 designs up
Sketch for PA piece
Ears thesis diagrams commission

For the Week
10 entries up everyday
Print order for Makindu auction - printed, holding order for one more file
Stay caught up on emails
Finish dragons/elf picture
Finish business plan for bank
Finish taxes
Finish ears diagrams

For the Month:
WA bazaar - 18th and 19th. Must make stock, find everything.
10 entries up every day. (Should be done by the end of the month!)
Get business plan finished for consultation w/ SBDC and bank
Upload coloring books/secure loan/order books
Stay caught up on emails
Do something for the Journeys art contest...
Add pocket dream journals to the EMG Storefront - if they work*

Other random notes...

The long-broken t-shirts link at EMG has been fixed!!

The browsing in general has been sped up significantly. Much love to the new webmaster!

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Got some more PA pieces up in the submitted description area.

Experimented with some new stock for art cards - VERY happy so far. Need to add 'art cards' as an EMG storefront option, methinks. They'd be open editions, but some folks may like to offer them.

Please note! My printing prices are going UP. Hahnemule discontinued my favorite paper, and I've gone to their slightly more expensive photo rag, (from photo matte) which is *magnificent* paper, but I gotta be able to pay for it. Look for that very soon, and get orders in asap if you want to get today's pricing. Will be adding Art Card prints to the page at the same time.

La la la!