March 1st, 2006



I have four pages left to put up for EMG-Zine, and some headers to make. Depending on when I get the material for two of the pages, and how ambitious I feel, and how cooperative making cookies is, I may have menu-locking (no floaty-jumpy menu if you don't want it!) by the time I release it officially. It looks good! I whine too much - you people have been providing me with great material, and I'm sorry I'm so testy about deadlines. :)

Other than that... um... nothing. I've just been working on that all day and needed a quick break.


I have my biggest show of the first half of the year in just over two weeks! Ack! I'd about forgotten about it... and I'm nearly out of ink and paper... gah! Gah! Must order first thing tomorrow.

Hey, who made me this D'oh icon?? I saved it to my harddrive and totally spaced out putting in my userpics and now I want to credit you! And thank you, if I didn't already. I can't remember.

Well, I feel stupid.