February 10th, 2006



Friday, thank god. I swear, each week can't end soon enough. I keep thinking things will ease up - they have to, right? Hah!

Got through nephew sitting, which was actually fairly fun, and I got to art and help Ethan put together a birdfeeder. The instructions and part of the pieces were missing, but oh well - we still had fun and have a slightly crooked birdfeeder to show for it. He had a great time painting it while I worked on a commission.

Anyway, I haven't checked email since yesterday evening, and came back to the expected slog. I'm in a low, depressed frame of mind and moving less efficiently than usual because I have to keep reminding myself not to be stupid and take things personally, so don't expect answers until the weekend sometime - I have to meet Jake in an hour for a spaghetti feed and hockey and have several things to do first, too.

Got some good news (finally) on website stuff... will tackle that tomorrow, too.

Man, it kills me how much detail and finesse is lost in scans of pencil work. Bleh.

And in random, not-self-pitying nonsense, we watched The Island a few nights back and The Core last night. Both wonderful, if slightly cheesy, Sci Fi future flicks. Loved 'em. The Core in particular made me go 'eh?' if I thought about it too hard, but I'm a forgiving audience. The Island was just awesome. I might watch it again.

Off to get ready.