February 8th, 2006



I have no earthly right to ask for this - I don't maintain a links page, and I won't link back to you (except in the case of EMG artists, 'cause that's in the code), but I'd like to ask that you please link to EMG! For many of you, this is a good deal for you, because you have work there, and the more people that see it, the better. But for lots of you, you have no real incentive, which is why I'm putting on my cute hopeful face.

And tell people. I get my best business from word-of-mouth. It's better than hundreds of dollars in paid advertisement to hear someone say 'I had a good experience at this business,' or 'this is an awesome place to shop!' Seriously! You know artists that are looking to put their work on products - point 'em to my print services. Yes, I'm busy, but sales pay the bills, and they will always come first - I am never going to choke at getting more business! THAT's the kind of busy I need.

I've almost deleted this darn entry a dozen times because I am Proud and Stubborn, but really, it would be very helpful. :)

Current linking banners are here, but if anyone feels like making new ones, I'd be super grateful and post them with a link to your site. :)

To those of you who have and do, consider yourselves thanked profusely. You have no idea how much it helps!


It's a sign of the times that I feel good to have gotten my inbox down to less (by one) than 225. Not a GOOD sign of the times, mind you!