January 18th, 2006



I thought I had LOTS of books. I did... there were boxes and boxes! Everytime we moved I found more I could part with, because I was so sure I had TOO many books. Now? I have empty-looking bookcases. O.o

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A lot of the stuff I thought I'd already done for artist pay had to be redone. There were glitches, and as soon as I recognized that, I sat down with the whole blooming sales stack for all six months and went through EVERY order, by hand, and calculated artistpay manually to doublecheck. I'm still not sure where the program went wrong, but everything is now correct. It was only off by .25 in most cases where it was off, but a few people were missing entirely from the pay summary. I have no idea why. My head is spinning. >.< I just need to tabulate CBs from my tallies, and I'm off to pay. I may start paying out those folks that don't have work in CBs, just to get that moving. And to take a break from numbers for just a bit.


I am SO behind on emails. Sorry, for those of you waiting around for me to get back to you about anything. >.<

I have gotten through another 25-40 submissions today, and I'm into the Bs (oo, ah...) in artist pay.

Also, my puppy is very, Very good, and much smarter than I gave him credit for. He picked up 'heel' after just 2 or 3 times, and will now do it to voice. (Though I admit I have to remind him a LOT...) He also stays decently well - we're working more on that. He knows down, now, which he didn't at all when I got him. (He knew sit, stay(ish) and shake - no leash training) He also knows the hand commands for sit, stay and down now, and if he's paying enough attention, will do them. Still very, very easily distracted, but what a good boy. *fuzzles puppy* Oh, and he knows Git the Kitty. Velcro also knows Git the Kitty, possibly better than he does, and will put her ears back and glare and glare whenever someone says it. We're working on Go Get (Ellen/Jake).

Okay, that's all the journalling I have time for!