January 17th, 2006



I am in HEAVEN.

I took yesterday off of EMG - sorry for those of you waiting around for me to approve you or look at your submissions. But it was for a Very Good Cause. We finished the bookcase!

I unpacked boxes of books that I haven't seen in SIX years or more. I hugged them and squealed in glee and it was WAY better than Christmas, because these were all old friends and loved, loved members of my family.

I have art reference books again. I have my astrophysics books again. I have my Sword and Sorceress collection, and my Asimov short stories, and my signed 'Ship Who Searched,' and my beloved, beloved signed hardcopy of Beauty, and 'What Busy People Do All Day,' still missing the back two pages because I cut them out when I was three. I have my yearbooks, and my enyclopedia of animals. And... and... and!!! SO happy to have books again. And it looks so NICE at the top of the stairs now. Not floppy plywood and construction tools anymore. BOOKS! In a SHELF!!

I still have a few boxes of textbooks in the connex, but - one more happy, happy side affect of finishing the shelves, enough space to move all of the EMG storage over here. YES! And there are actually two blank and two half-blank shelves. I can buy more books. This is VERY dangerous. I have been in no-book-buying mode for six years now. I shudder to think what I might do...

Jake even said, magically, 'we might be finished with the house this fall.' Five years really isn't bad for building a house from scratch. We took almost a whole year off after our first mad, mad rush to get moved in, too. Water. I really, really want a shower. And hot water for doing dishes that I don't have to boil pot-at-a-time. *drools*

I've gotten through a hundred or so submissions since Sunday... plugging away at them bits at a time. I will probably stop for now, though, and move over to artistpay, 'cause that's got to get out SOON. This week. Darn it, Ellen, you slacker.

Okay, time to get out of the bathrobe and have some water and get more of a start on my day. Lots to do. Frightful amounts of stuff to do, actually. FRIGHTFUL.

Oh yeah.

I LIKE being a step ahead of the forum spammers. A robot hit the site about an hour ago - I could watch it from the admin panel trying to post messages in all the public forums as a guest. HAH. I have foiled you, evil spambots! I also set all registrations as admin-approved only, so they have no chance of even getting an account. Just try to take me on, you slimy bastards. I double-dog dare you.

Got through all the VOA royalties except one 'cause I can't find her email. (Excluding those who are also EMG members, except for a few cases...) Two bouncebacks - anyone have contact information for Shelly Walker or Amanda Pearl Robison? I will look around for more current emails. This gets THAT hairy payment hassle out of the way. I should get through the Ds or Es tomorrow for regular EMG pay. I have GOT to get a better system for doing this. Monkeys, maybe.

Now, I must go do nephew ferrying, and work on orders. And get a pile of stuff to transfer up to EMG. There may be order delays while the printer is being moved. :) Sooooooooon!

Oh! And last night, I made homemade sourdough pizza. WOW and YUM. Good stuff. Must do that more often - it wasn't that hard, it was delicious, and it is much cheaper than (good) frozen pizzas.
Are You Sure?

Next up, food.

I can't believe how many people are surprised to be getting VoA royalties. When I say I'm going to pay royalties, by god, I pay royalties. If I say I'm going to print a tarot deck, by god, I do. Even if it takes 5 years and I cut them out by hand. Of COURSE I'm going to pay out the royalties I owe! Sure, I didn't make myself rich, but I sold all the books at the price I needed to to pay the royalties I promised. And I think I made an extra dime and a nickel on each one, no less. And hey, I got royalties, too. I'm a greedy artist who wants to work for a fair, paying, company way before I'm a greedy corporate giant. See, what I REALLY want EMG to be is a place that I can make a living as an artist, drawing what I want to. I like making stuff, but I would LOVE to get this sucker to the point of hiring someone else to answer my emails and fill orders. (Though I'd still do inspection... and the sticky emails... and the dreaming up of new crazy projects...)

I'm STARVING, so I'm done for the day and will now go eat. :)


I have a couple of story files open and am reading through them trying to pick up the threads of plot... nothing's sticking.

I went back and read through old Kaz fanfiction that I've done. I write SAD stories. I made me cry! I can't decide now if I want to write more angst, or try something happy. Or maybe just sketch. Or possibly post pointless in my LJ.

Wait.... I can run a poll!

Poll #654659 Wasting time...

Ellen Should...

Write angsty short fiction
Write happy short fiction
Go to bed
Finish the dishes
Work on an article


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