January 9th, 2006


I need test monkeys!

I made something work that shouldn't have worked, and I'm leery of 'too good to be true.' Can I beg someone to help me test out the new shopping cart setup at EMG?

Just go to the storefront, and browse to any design. Preferably one with more than one word in the title, 'cause that's what's supposed to not work. The url will look like this: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/fantasyart/emgproduct.php?id=578maybemorejunkhere - go sneak a 2 in that address so it looks like http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/fantasyart/emgproduct2.php?id=578maybemorejunkhere. (But whatever ID you pick. Doesn't have to be that one.) You will know you're at the new cart 'cause the buy-em links will say 'add to cart, yo!'

Does it work?? Do you go to a shopping cart? Can you click continue shopping and get back to that same page?

It shouldn't, cause there are spaces in the URL, but it's worked flawlessly for me so far.

Edit: Well, it sure SEEMS to work. I've put in publicly on-line, green light - go! I am now debating a nap.


My head's about to explode, I think.

I got the EMG-Zine member database set up. Sort of. And tweaked some scripts to work with it. Except that they don't work with it yet. Well, they did (sort of), but then I tweaked more, and now they don't. So... mostly I stared at code and attempted to make heads or tails out of it. It largely makes sense. It's just those one or two little details that I ignore that give me fits. Still, feel like there was progress made there, and will tackle it tomorrow, with a few orders. Definitely more comfortable with what does what than I was a week ago. I'm still very chuffed over my ability to integrate the new shopping cart at the storefront. There's still tail-ends of code that don't need to be there on those pages, but I wanted to a) make sure the new cart was going to work and b) not mess with what works. Fixed the menu to go to the new shopping cart, too.

And fiddled with artists pay - got DragonCon tallied, and the invoice program stuff tallied. Just have two more shows to tally, some t-shirts to account for, two wholesale special thingies to deal with, tally total CBs and then I can pay the artists. All seventy billion of them!

Lots of numbers and code. Lots and lots.

Got some art done yesterday - have some major tweaks to do on one tonight or tomorrow, and more painting to do on another, and need to email for review the third. Then, maybe I can get started on some others. (Black and white! Thank heavens!)

Tonight, I'm watching a movie. Or possibly building a bookcase. Maybe both. But for now, I gotta go boil water for dishes and a shower. There nothing quite as invigorating as scurrying outside at 5 degrees to have hot water dumped over you while you stand in the snow. Woo hoo! Better than coffee.