December 29th, 2005

enough time


Well, got a LOT done today. The last surface for my worktable is on. We mis-cut it on Christmas Eve, so we had to trim it down today.

We hung lights! Real working lights! I have a swivel arm lamp over my drafting table, making two lights for my art surface, a little flourescent for over the 1280 in the corner, and a big shop light flourescent providing REAL light over the center of the worksurface. Oh, am I loving it. Baby.

Nearly finished reprinting that custom order.

Have most of the columns (just missing mine) and half the feature articles coded at EMG-Zine, and settled on a page design. Tomorrow, I gotta do the gallery, which will be less fun and more work, and the critique corner and some of the little extra pages, and an entrance page. Piece-a cake, right? Well, maybe. I'd also lovelovelove to get the php code to the point of having registration logins - even if it does exactly nothing other than register and log 'em in. We'll see how ambitious I feel tomorrow - the first hurdle is just to get the thing FINISHED in an html format that people can browse through. So far, I'm actually pretty happy with the thing. I also want to get the headers rotating randomly - again, though, we'll see if it happens, and if not, Oh Well.

Also! I need folks with weird browsers and different monitors to take a look at the layout and make sure it doesn't do something funky. Volunteers? I have Firefox, I'll need some IE folks, and Safari. You'll get exactly nothing but some thanks and a sneak peek. :P

I got a piece of artwork done last night that I really, really like. If you're very lucky, I will have time to scan it tonight. It was done for a submitted description, but I'm actually considering keeping it for myself and making prints of it.

La la... off to bug the husband and take a much-needed break.