December 22nd, 2005


I should just go back to bed!

Portrait Adoption is down. Down from either address. I'd be super pissed, but at this point, it's just... normal. I'm seriously considering another provider at this point, but... oh, man, do I dread the transfer. All those files, all those subdomains (one for every artist!) and those emails to set up again! My email is all webmail, too, so I'd have to capture that somehow, too. New MySQL databases to set up. All those scripts to reinstall. My head spins just thinking about it.

Print Pelican wrote back:

I like to express our sincere apologies on behalf of our staff at Print
Pelican for all the lousy service you've received,

we will make note of each and every one of your complaints and make the
proper adjustment, so this does not happen again with you nor anyone else.

Our staff has been extremely busy here in our Florida and Toronto plants,
due to the holidays and all, but this is certainly not a good excuse to
slack of on the proper customer service our customers should receive, so for
this we are truly sorry.

And they credited me the additional $100. I am mostly appeased.

Whelp, big custom order to get out...

Off to do so.

Edit: site is back up. No heads will roll today.

Got to get better...

Day has improved. Aside from all of dreamhost going poof for a little while there (every site I knew that was hosted on it was gone, too), things have been going smoothly.

I got the new shopping cart fully integrated with the claim site portion of PA. Yay!

I got six new entries up at the claim site.

I got some busy work done. My inbox is down to about 50. Fixed some FAQ.

I learned some basic bellydancing! Jennie came over and taught me. My back and stomach muscles are all shrieking in wussy agony right now, but it's not the bone-deep nervey pain my back usually gives me - this is probably good stuff - I REALLY need more strengthening and exercise. 'Specially at this time of year. We had tasty lunch and watched an episode of batman, too.

I started a coloring contest:

I begged Bookmobile to let me choose the shipping method next time and they were very kind and apologetic and promised it wouldn't happen again.

Got most of that big custom order done, but still need approval on an inside bit - will print tomorrow morning without the frills if I haven't heard back.

Alright! About time to go do dishes and unwind for the day.