December 20th, 2005

enough time

EMG-Zine deadline - 11 days!

Just a headsup on the next deadline for EMG-Zine. Theme is romance. Especially looking for short little paragraphs for survival tips of spouses of writers or artists to include in a larger feature. Also, the guidelines have been updated:

(Yes, it occurs to me that this also means I have only 11 days to pull the first issue out of my butt and don't think that it isn't starting to give me tremors and cold sweats...)

Dreamhost is doing their level best to lose my business. I still have no resource logs, and haven't heard back from customer support since Saturday. (Though two auto-warnings followed)

Print Pelican is about to get chewed out number 2. I still haven't been reimbursed, and there hasn't been an email since last week.

Bookmobile is about to get an earful, too. They haven't invoiced me for shipping Wish3 yet, and I still need to rag them about not letting me choose the method.

I HATE this part of my job. HATEHATEHATE.

The rest, I mostly love.

My desk, I definitely love.


Dreamhost is seriously pissing me off. They have just connected me with CSR #3, who says that they have just (today) lowered their CPU limit. LOWERED. I'm getting the autowarnings again, with a half-disabled site, and they chide me to check my resources folder - which woops! They just turned on and might show up tomorrow, they're not sure what went wrong there - and then lower my useage. Please. I need a smiley with an AXE in it's head here.

Got some Christmas shopping done, which was actually nice, though it leaves me feeling a little poor. I calculate things based on commissions now... I could get that for Jake - that's about six face-only commissions. Oo, I could get that for Mom, that would be worth a full-figure color piece. I could get that for Dad if I got three sketchy commissions... Fortunately I have a rich sugar daddy husband. (Okay, far FROM, but he's supplied Christmas family shopping money. And food. And gas for my car.)

So not feeling the Christmas spirit. I hope we get to blow something up at gaming tonight. I hope I'm not mis-remembering that we HAVE gaming tonight... I think we're off next week for a while.

I'm going to go shower and make up naughty new lyrics to Christmas songs in my head. Probably that deal with Dreamhost and cookies with arsenic.