December 16th, 2005

enough time


Dreamhost wrote back - or rather, the very kind Ralph at Dreamhost wrote back... he'd given me his personal email after the last fiasco, and he remembers my nightmare and said he'd help me out and that I shouldn't have to deal with the same problems again.

I've been backing up the site in a frenzy anyway. I've actually gotten religious about backing up EMG, but hadn't done so with PA in a good while. Most of it except the claim site is done now, and we're down to Leonie there...

Back hurts, dog ate the canoe seat, cat knew I was upset and was very clingy and insisted on LAP most of the day, and I feel exhausted and beat up and let down and stressed out. Suprise!

Made a list of things I'd gotten done this year while running the printer and the site backups. It's... extensive.

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In all, I learned a lot. A LOT.

I feel like I've worked very, very hard, and have a lot of pretty things to show for it, but can't really consider it a success. A lot of things went wrong, some of them horribly wrong. I hope I've worn out my bad luck and next year will be brighter. I'm going to take a little time off between Christmas and New Years - may even disable ordering altogether.