December 13th, 2005


Ee! Ee!

I try not to be materialistic, really, but you wonderful people make it impossible. I am, right now, wallowing in happy Have-Glee.

I have art supplies! Art supplies!! zumfairies sent me my favorite pencils and kneaded erasers and a sooper secret surprise!

And fleeboy sent me the most gorgeous sketchbook I've ever seen, plus pencil extenders and more kneaded erasers! I will have lovely clean GRAY (not black!) erasers to use*! Aaaahrt supplies!!!

Camilla sent me Stargate!! And a number/puzzle game that I'd never heard of that kept me entertained for hours the other night.

Katink sent me the prettiest card - full of glittery things!

*dances around happily*

Okay, orders to fill... :) :) :)

*This does not probably mean I will actually feel good about throwing out 'perfectly useable' half-dirty erasers... it just means they will accumulate until I have little mountains of various grey-black erasers because 'there's some life left in them!'