December 9th, 2005


So busy it HURTS

So much to do today! A dozen or more orders to fill - some of 'em big.

Thought it very funny that one of the search phrases that led to my page was: stationery that doesn't suck

Will be largely incommunicado today. Must make stuff!


Having travelled an extra 4000 miles or so, been delayed months at a time due to lost files and printer miscommunications, and having caused Ellen to lose half of her hair in frustration*:

Ursula's calendars are finally here!!!

There are 105 of them. That's all there will be. Five of them have dinged corners and I will sell in person so they know what they're getting (they will be the last 5 numerically). Ten of them are going to Ursula to sign and sell herself, and all of them will be numbered.

They'll go on sale in about 20 minutes here, I think - you may want to keep your heads up, 'cause I have a sneaking suspicion they'll move pretty darn quickly.

They do not look nearly as bad as I'd feared and dreaded. In fact, I think they look darn good. There are a few things I would definitely do differently, and the vast differences from month to month in the amount of text is a little weird and I had to be creative to smoosh everything in on a couple of pages, and it's not perfect... but they're fun and the colors are good and the paper is nice and the binding is good and the cuts are straight. I consider it a success. My little conclusion thing isn't as stupid as I was sure it would be upon critical re-read.

*To be fair, frustration was only a contributing factor to the hairloss, and most of that was over how much effort it took; the resultant haircut and red dye job have been for the better...
enough time

Ursula's calendar is up for claiming!

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It includes 12 month plates, unique cover, plus a bonus plate, 8.5 x 11 inches (11 x 17 when open), and YES, it has the words with every picture, 'cause that's half the fun. ISBN 1-933603-02-X if anybody cares.

Includes (likely chance of mixed up names, 'cause I'm winging it...): Catching Kite Moths, Little Red Riding Wolverine, Armadillo Stones, Slug Rider, Tea with Gryphon, Mouse Warrior, Grandma Orc, Walking the Frog, Darwin Snail, Demon-Rat of somebody, Tribal Wombat, Bog Unicorn and the extra plate is Fire Mouse.

The claim page is up here:
Edit - sorry for the typo - that address is corrected now. :)


Printing and emailing and invoicing OH MY. 'Sold' 74 of the 89 available Ursula calendars already, and am still emailing and invoicing on those... have barely been able to keep up with the stuff coming in. Curse you, Ursula - I was down to less than 70 emails this morning!

Also have PA stuff to print and invoice and mail and more t-shirts and more stationery... why am I here? Oh, sanity break. Right. *rubs head*

Will definitely be burning the midnight oil tonight. Jake has hockey tonight - we might get home about the same time.

Also - wish I were on DSL. GOD, dialup sucks.


OOoo... mom just fed me lamb chops, fresh beans, cottage cheese and homemade sourdough toast. Yay for moms! Back to work...

79 85 calendars claimed!

ETA: All sold out!