December 6th, 2005

Are You Sure?

Hard Line.

I've put my foot down.


When I tell you about deadlines, I don't mean - tell me a week later that you're working on something. Or mention unofficially that you'd like to do something and then send it to the wrong email a few days late. I don't mean ask that you should ask for submission information, then not READ the submission information, and send me an email the day after the deadline asking where to send stuff.

Look, I understand crisis and hassles and woopses, and that's FINE. Just ask for an extension BEFORE the deadline. Hours before - I don't care, just BEFORE.

I'm not accepting any of the above work, or the half dozen other similar cases. They're friends, they're compatriots in crime. They're people I adore and I know their work would be an asset to the 'zine. But dammit, I'm done frittering around and wasting my time and acting like this is all Pretend Work.

It is not pretend work. It is not oh, Ellen will make exceptions. It is not la la la skipping through the forest don't need to commit crap.

I am not running a charity network or a home hobby. I am not doing this for fun and light exercise. I am running a business, and a serious publication. I have a commitment to my audience, to my business, to the contributors who make their deadlines and are a pleasure to work with - and a commitment to MYSELF. I will not let you run me into the ground following after you, cleaning up your messes and making allowances that are unfair to the people who actually DO put in the effort to meet me halfway. I'm through with that. I am starting EMG-Zine on that strict, hard-ass line, and I'm continuing with it for as long as the 'zine is in publication. That I give extensions at all is a remarkable concession in the professional world - that I demand the request for extension before the deadline is so minor in the scope of things that I don't feel the slightest bit bad about enforcing it.

Okay, so I do feel bad. REALLY bad. I feel guilty and cruel and unfeeling and bitchy. I feel like I've probably hurt feelings and fear I've ruined friendships and all kinds of insecure stupidity.

But I'm still not budging.

Please be keenly aware that the deadline for the February issue of EMG-Zine is Jan 1. Not Jan 2 or Jan 23. The theme is romance. If you need submission information, you go the webpage - - and you fill out the form. I will send you submission information.

If you feel I'm being unreasonable, you are more than welcome to file a complaint with the management.