December 5th, 2005



Wish3 Vol 1 should be here today or tomorrow! Apparently they just shipped them, without asking which method I wanted them shipped... I hope it didn't end up costing six zillion dollars - they haven't invoiced me the shipping yet. That's good and bad. Good because I will have them THIS week! Finally!! And bad because - well, possibly it cost me six zillion dollars...

Studio made progress this weekend. The framing is almost complete, then we just need to put the surface on, and we're DONE! I can move in! Even got my shelves hung. I have SO much storage space in this little room - it's just awesome. And there's room for another 18" shelf in the corner, and a spot to hang my in-progress whiteboard, and oh man, am I loving this.

Ee! weilaya sent me popcorn. I pigged out on it, while watching Star Wars Ep. III - which was so much better than the 'first' two movies it wasn't even funny. Padme's death was sort of stupid - even Jake thought so - but otherwise, very enjoyable. Oops. Was that a spoiler? Does anyone not realize that she dies? Anyway - a huge thank you! I LOVED it! (And still have some left to pop! Yay!)

Lots to do today, best go get started...

Right on!!

I got a sweet, SWEET space in the Women's Affair bazaar in February - $50 off because the deposit had already been paid! WOOT!

I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow (and to deliver her order...). (1 PM, don't forget Ellen! Also must pick up nephew at 2:40!)

Less than 70 in yon inbox!

Went ahead and critiqued the critique corner submissions - for all those people who said they were interested in doing so, no one stepped forward! After a week, I did it myself.

Time for some artwork.


Wish 3 Volume 1 is finally back in stock! I think it looks and feels nicer than the first printer job... but is very similar. The perfect bound versions are MUCH sweeter than the staple-bound. Must go put it up at EMG shortly here...

(And dang, they're going to have cost a fortune - 20 lbs on the first box of 30, sent priority, with another box of 70 on its way. I totally would have picked a cheaper shipping method - at LEAST on the second box. No invoice yet... *glare*)