December 1st, 2005

enough time


Hey folks! Today is the deadline for January issue EMG-Zine material!!

You may request an extension, if you need one, but I need to know what I've got to work with asap!

If you have phoenix-themed artwork, I encourage you to submit it! For the gallery, I am not insisting on exclusive work; it can be previously published! I would prefer non-published tutorials and walk-throughs - if you have one in-progress that will be finished within a week, let me know!

Use the form here to get specific submission info:

Too many exclaimation points!!

Is it Christmas?

It FEELS like Christmas...

Yesterday I got a draft of the sweetest story from Whit - and I plan on indulging in writing on it later today. :) :)

I got paid LJ time from temarrea!! I can continue to plague you with polls and extra userpics!! *hugs* Thank you so much!!

I got lip gloss and a makeup bag from weilaya - who is, yes indeed, an angel! :)

I got a disc with the last chapter for the first print volume of Keepers of the Forest!

I've gotten about a dozen gorgeous phoenix pieces in my editors box for EMG-Zine! Ursula's February column about made me break a rib laughing...

I got happy emails from satisfied print service clients - ALWAYS a huge relief!

I got all my orders out yesterday (except for one!).

I blew my art budget on myself in one spot... doh! But, oh! The coolnes. I'll show it off once I get it...

Plus, I have a great husband, wonderful pets, great friends, a perfect life and snow tires on my car!
enough time

November review...

Okay, it's that time again - November's GONE! Yikes! Where'd it GO?!

Let's look at that list...

Orders (yeah, yeah...), also 2 PA adoptions!
Finish coloring commission
Get studio prepped for building again this weekend. - only thing left to build is the desk!!!
Find Calvin's phone number!!!!! (and call it...) - need to call him again, though!
Call Inner Peace
Bug the printers of Ursula's calendar. Gah... - ARGH. This is enough to make me pull my hair out... stupid company!
Settle Jan's account (I think I owe her cards!)
Get submission process for EMG-Zine ironed out so folks can start sending in.
Get girls arranged to go to the Impressionist show at the museum this weekend.
Work on emails. (at 70!!)
Add link to the main page that are more obvious for clicking through to storefront.
Finish wyvern-rider commission
Four chapters of Jenny/Bjorn. (It's not NaNo, but it's not nothing...) - *moans* Nothing here...
Finish two pieces for Camilla - 1 down!
Inventory left-over, old-style t-shirts and do a sale.
Beg people to order... er, I mean, do some advertising.
Finish putting up all EMG designs in the queue that I have files for. YAHOO!!!
Send emails about files I don't have. - sent a general email.
Follow-up on the weirdo PA portraits that aren't importing right/have funky settings. - of course, I haven't heard back on most of these. grrr...

Other stuff I did -

Um... ate and slept and stuff.
Finished my closet!!
Did 3 bazaars
Figured out the osCommerse cart (now, to integrate w. EMG... aaaaaahhhh!)
Had girls nights twice! (Having learned that if I do not consider social events accomplishments I will neglect them and go crazy...)
Integrated a new puppy into our household
Cut and dyed my hair!
Updated my personal page with all my Epitome articles
Art: two commissions and two general PA adoption pieces, plus most of this phoenix piece, and a few Kaz doodles. Plus lots of boot camp style exercises.

Okay, other than the Jennie/Bjorn total failure, I'm pretty pleased. And I did pull out my J-B files and read them over. It's really not terrible! Not terrible at all! Worth finishing, for sure.

Okay, next up: December goals.